Sunday, January 5, 2014

Alt-Cryptos that bucked the trend this weekend

While most alt-crypto currencies fell against BTC this weekend as it rose to over 900 USD, posting an impressive 19% increase. There were two outliers which moved up against BTC. Surprisingly the two currencies are neither famous nor the darlings of the alt-crypto currency crowd. First up TAG. The following chart below displays TAG's rise of over 39% against BTC.

One must consider that while TAG was gaining against BTC, BTC itself was gaining against fiat. On Thursday morning one could have purchased TAG for the price of 0.0001 BTC which at that time was 0.8 USD. At the time of this writing; only three days later on Sunday, that same share of TAG could now be sold for 0.00016 BTC or 1.49 USD. That is more than a 46% gain.

SecureCoin posted very similar performance over the same time period. Whether this is merely a coincidence or if there is something deeper, we currently don't know. Perhaps an informed reader will provide more information. Below is the chart for SRC, notice that it too gained against BTC about 39%.

Congratulations are in order for holders, and miners of TAG & SRC. Stay tuned for more market analysis and other news. Best of luck trading!

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