Monday, January 6, 2014

Here comes a new Challenger! RPC

From the murky depths of the rapidly growing cesspool of copy-paste alt-coins a new challenger arises, meet Ron Paul Coin. Over the last day RPC has posted a shocking 100% gain against BTC:

At first one may find themselves at a loss to explain the phenomenon in the above chart. Fear not, we found ourselves in very much the same predicament. However, we have a hypothesis which may explain it all. We presume that from the recent influx of unabashed copy-paste coins with billions upon billions to be minted and ridiculous block rewards, RPC stood out for it actually has reasonable settings. Target of 2.1 million coins and zero pre-mined. Another factor may include the true supporters of the real Ron Paul advocating this coin. 

Furthermore, we would like to draw the attention of our dear readers to another scarce coin: Cryptogenic Bullion. CGB is even scarcer, with only 1 million coins to be minted and it is already listed on Cryptsy and Coins-e, making it a more liquid coin to trade. If scarcity is the sole driver behind the price of RPC, then one could argue that either RPC is over priced at its current valuation which is higher than CGB. Or that CGB is grossly undervalued. Below is a chart of CGB over the last 5 days. 

We leave the task of concluding which his overpriced and which is undervalued as an exercise for our readers. Best of luck trading! 

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